Music, Events, and Education to suit your life, your style.


We are the show behind the show - the best part of that night you don't want to end...

Live Music

Our DJs have been active in the community for over the last decade and have performed both to large capacity crowds and small intimate venues.

Event Management

We're not just limited to the turntables, our team has managed events of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves in making our clients happy.


We offer an in-depth, focused education in live music and mixing, Our newest service has a;ready seen its first graduates who have had great success finding work in the industry.


Our full service studio is capable of recording everything from vocals to drums, and full bands out of our Richmond, B.C. studios.


Our mixing specialists can take your files recorded in house or previously prepareed files and polish them to shine as bright as possible.


Our industry professionals have seen it all, and are on hand to offer their valuable insight through any of the many areas of the 'biz' we specialize in. Our unique outlook is a valuable tool.


These are our people


This is our story

Our story begins like many great movies. Take two up-and coming music obsessed young men who are trying to make their mark in this world, and throw in some ups, some downs, and perhaps a little drama... Like every great movie, you don't always go in expecting to win an Oscar, but you do hope to entertain as many people as humanly possible. This is how we've decided to do business. We've set our focus on promising to deliver an experience, and intend to deliver on that promise above and beyond. While the past few years have seen our DJs play some of the biggest stages in the city with some impressive local and international acts, you will not find us boasting about it any time soon. What we will boast about however are the many happy clients we've worked with over these last few years. If you've found yourself reading this, we hope to add you to that list! Our team are always available to sit down and discuss how we can get going with a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Being new to Event Management ourselves, we knew we had a tough road ahead of us that was bound to carry with it a huge potential for failure. When we sat down to talk with Frank and Vancouver Music Events all of our fears were eased. Their knowledge and experience in the field was exactly what we were looking for. Vancouver Music Events had answers to all of our questions and always had our best interest in mind!
Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Event Manager
We hired DJs ZVertikal and 909 to play a show we were putting on in Vancouver, and little could we anticipate what a draw they would be, and how many people their collective social media presences brought to our show! After that incredible capacity event, we've been in talks with Vancouver Music Events regarding potential EMCEE roles for our upcoming events. We really can't get enough of these guys!
May Leung

May Leung

Talent Buyer
I've spent the last year learning the ins-and-outs of music productions with Vancouver Music Events out of their studio space in Richmond. Their instructors will work with each individual's strengths to teach each pupil in a way that is best for them. Going into the course I thought I knew a lot about music, but I now know that there is always someone who knows more. It's best to learn from these types of people!
Marco Silva

Marco Silva



Our staff will in most cases respond to your emails within a few hours, or at most one business day